Why Prenatal Yoga?

The practice of prenatal yoga can be a wonderful way to soothe, decrease, and  prevent many of the common discomforts of pregnancy.

As our babies grow, increasing pressure and stress are put on different muscle groups in our bodies. A prenatal yoga practice includes many safe and gentle poses which:

~ soothe pain and tension in the back, chest, shoulders, neck, hips and legs

~ increase circulation, flexibility, muscle tone and energy

~ alleviate swelling caused by water retention

~ improve balance, stamina, concentration and meditative focus

~ prepare the body and mind for labor and delivery

The yogic breathing and deep relaxation practiced in prenatal yoga provide many additional benefits, including:

~ relaxation and calming of the nervous system

~ anxiety reduction and improved stress management

~ better sleep; decreased insomnia

~ decrease in headaches

~ improved digestion; allieviation of digestive problems

~ enhanced immune function

Attending a prenatal yoga class provides a sacred time and space to:

~ slow down

~ be in the present moment

~ connect with your baby

~ prepare for motherhood

~ meet, connect, and share support with other pregnant women

In her book, Yoga for Pregnancy, Judith Lasater says, “Yoga teaches that wholeness is experienced through a balance of focus (abhyasa) and surrender (vairagya). Without focus, a yoga pose has neither integrity nor stability, it has neither heart nor flow. In learning to balance focus and surrender, you become able to respond flexibly to the demands of the moment.”

Yoga teaches us how to be in the present moment, whether it is comfortable or not. Mindfulness tools practiced in prenatal yoga can be invaluable as we work to grow our babies, bring them into the world, and then take care of them, and ourselves, during the postpartum period, and beyond.  

Join Amy for our Prenatal Yoga weekly class Saturdays at 11:00-12:15.


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Shri Studios is Expanding!

As of January 1st 2019 all Shri Studios classes will be held at the Longmont Climbing Collective. We are excited to be merging our two dynamic and vibrant communities.

If you sign up for a membership with Shri Studios before January 1st, we will waive the registration fee of $50 and you only pay $69 per month for all the yoga classes you love plus a premier climbing facility and fitness too!

Check out all your options at www.longmontclimbingcollective.com.