Teacher Spotlight ~ Amy DeleTerre

Amy DelaTerre, “Yoga feels to me like such a healthy rest from all the cares and obligations of daily life.”


How did you first become involved in yoga?

During my senior year of college, a friend of mine suggested I join her in attending a six-week long, “Introduction to Yoga” class being offered at the student union building. I wasn’t even really sure what yoga was, but I was eager for new experiences, it sounded interesting, and the class was free, so why not? We went together, and I was immediately intrigued and enchanted by my experience of linking movement and breath, and of sitting in stillness… Several months after the class ended, wanting more yoga instruction but not knowing where to find it, I bought a yoga dvd and began practicing with it every now and then. I eventually found a yoga studio in a nearby town, and began attending classes every week.

The more yoga I practiced, the more yoga I wanted to practice. A couple of years later, I moved from Rhode Island to Colorado to attend Naropa University for graduate school, and was impressed and delighted by the myriad of yoga offerings in my new town. I completed my yoga teacher training during the spring of 2003, along with my master’s thesis, an exploration of yoga as holistic education for children. I’ve been practicing and sharing my love for yoga ever since.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to teaching yoga?

I feel very passionate about guiding my students to begin to relate with, or open up to, those places within themselves that they may not have been in touch with until that moment during class, when mindfulness of their breath, linked with movement, combine to shine the light of awareness on their interconnected body, heart and mind.

I love facilitating and witnessing students opening themselves up to new possibilities of health, physical ease, peacefulness and balance.

I also very much love sharing the practice of yoga with children and families, and sharing in the fun of yoga as a playful, invigorating, and healthy way for families to connect with each other, while also deepening their connections to their own bodies, minds, and breath.

I am passionate about helping kids discover, at young ages, how good yoga feels, and how powerful it is as a practice to help them to manage their emotions and thoughts, to release stress and tension, and to help them to be physically fit and healthy.

Our world, and our days, are so full and fast-paced, with so much going on at once… yoga feels to me like such a healthy rest from all the cares and obligations of daily life. As the pace of life doesn’t appear to be changing, yoga is an invaluable tool for young people to learn how to become familiar with their inner selves, to connect to and trust their intuition, and to love and respect themselves and their bodies, minds and hearts.

What can someone expect from one of your classes?

In my Gentle classes, students can expect easing into a nourishing hour of gently deepening poses designed to calm and awaken the body and mind, release stress, and increase flexibility and strength. I like to bring attention to proper alignment, the importance of the breath as a powerful tool during yoga practice, and to the importance of letting go of effort, and simply relaxing into this moment.

In my Family Yoga classes, students of all ages can expect a fun experience full of movement and delight, stretching and breathing, songs and games, and the opportunity to connect with each other and focus on their family bonds, while enjoying all the many ways our bodies can move and stretch.

What are some of your other interests outside of yoga?

I love to read, knit, bake, hike, and be outside as much as possible. I am an avid gardener and grow lots of vegetables, herbs and flowers.

I have some training as an herbalist and have a little business, Of the Earth Botanicals, for which I make and sell many products, including herbal-infused healing salves, sugar scrubs, bath salts, and assorted aromatherapeutic oils and sprays.

I am fascinated by the workings of the human energy system, and love sharing this passion in my chakra yoga workshops. I am homeschooling my two sons, Isaiah, 11, and Quinn, 8, and am grateful for the privilege of taking such an active role in their educational journeys.

What exciting offerings do you have coming up at Shri Studios? 

In my upcoming Yoga and the Chakras series, we will journey through the seven major energy centers of the body over the course of seven two-hour long workshop-style classes. Each class will begin with an overview of the chakra we are focusing on, along with handouts and visual aids to help students to gain a solid understanding of the characteristics of that chakra, and some ideas about how to access the health of the chakra, and determine if our energy is moving freely through this energy center, or perhaps is either a bit sluggish or stagnant, or moving too quickly. This will be followed by an experiential practice incorporating specific yoga poses, breathing exercises, and some mantra and guided meditation, along with the use of essential oil blends designed to help bring that particular chakra into balance. Students will go home with questions for reflection, to help them integrate what they’ve learned, and to prepare for our study of the next chakra.

You can register for Amy’s upcoming workshop here. Chakra Workshop

Amy’s Of the Earth Botanicals¬†¬†products will also be available for purchase at Shri Studios very soon!



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