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What is Shri?

Shri is a Sanskrit word that means radiant light and abundant wealth. This word has always fascinated me as it is associate with the goddess Saraswati, of knowledge, wisdom and the arts. Her message is to discover the essence of one self. What a wonderful aspiration! How can we authentically connect and create until we discover our true self our unique light. I have let this aspiration guide my way through me yoga journey thus far, and hope that it will lead and inspire others.

What is the vision of Shri Studios?

Shri Studios is a place where we can begin to Awaken. Wake up to the truth of our own amazing and unique gifts and path in this life. Connect to our inner light, our authentic and true selves which leads to authentic connections with others. A place of transformation; not to change into something that is different from you, but to step into your own power, grace, peace and light. At Shri Studios we offer weekly classes, workshop series, workshops and trainings to facilitate this awakening, connection and transformation. Each of our classes is expertly crafted and guided by one of Shri’s experienced teachers to not only stretch, tone, strengthen and stabilize the body but also calm and focus the mind. As a practitioner at Shri Studios, you will find a peace of mind that will extend into every aspect of your life. You will connect more deeply to your inner light and share that light with others.

Shri Studios is owned and operated by Shauna Hylenski. A RYT-500hr, ERYT-200hr and continuing education provider through the organization of Yoga Alliance. Shauna acquired a passion for teaching at a young age and that passion took both her and her husband Bryan around the world teaching English, Yoga and Massage Therapy to children and adults. The desire to create her own space for sharing this passion for yoga, movement and meditation has been a long time dream now beginning to unfold. To learn about the other, amazing Shri Studios teachers click here – Shri Studios Teachers

Where is Shri Studios?

Shri Studios is a home based business, located in a beautifully designed space at 1047 Venice Street in the heart of old town Longmont. On the corner of Venice Street and 11th Avenue, Shri Studios has alley access and ample street parking on either side of 11th as well as Venice Street. The lovingly, crafted studio space is intimate yet spacious and clear. A place where light, joy and community converge to facilitate each practitioners transformation.

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